Managing Director / Computer Engineer / Digital Strategist / Agile Evangelist

Aubert de la Rüe



Patrick has 20 years of experience in digital and business management. His skillset encompasses leadership in software development and engineering, agile transformations, business management, PMO-, programme- and multiproject- management, user experience design, C-level consulting and the ability to generate business when bringing marketing, product management and technology together.

With his swiss-swedish roots, Patrick has the sensitivity to lead successfully lead intercultural teams through change e.g. in Agile or Digital Transformations. With a background in computer engineering, in strategy and organizational design and in leading digital teams, Patrick has a unique skillset-mix that matches the challenges companies are seeing today as they need to be able to reinvent their future.



  • Jan 2018 - Present

    snowflake Productions GmbH

    Digital Agency

    Managing Director Digital Solutions -

    • Member of the Management Board
    • Business Management & Development
    • P&L Responsibility
    • Business- and Digital Strategy Development and Execution
    • Operations Responsibility
    • Sales & Marketing Responsibility
    • Team and Consulting Leadership: Visionary, strong People & Communication Skills, Strategic Thinking, Networking & Communication, Effective Hiring, Hands-on Coaching & Mentoring
    • Computer Engineering and UX Leadership: Vision/Strategy, Architecture, Software Design, Implementation to Operations
    • Project and Support Excellence with Scrum, Kanban und Hermes 5.1
    • Transforming the Tech-Stack: Iaas, Paas, Containerization & Orchestration, Multicloud Strategy
    • Client and Project Portfolio Management. Key Account management
    • Open Source and agile Evangelist
    • COVID-19 Management (Homeoffice, Processes, Motivation/Focus, Tooling)
  • Jan 2016 - Dez 2017

    snowflake Productions GmbH

    Digital Agency

    Director Digital Solutions - Member of the extended executive board -

    • Director the Division Digital Solutions (35 FTE)
    • P&L Responsibility
    • Teamlead: 3 Direct Reports, Product Owner/Consultants, DevOps, UX-Design
    • Sales & Operations Responsibility
    • ICT Responsibility: Implementation & Rollout Office365, Transition from Selfhosting to SaaS/PaaS
    • Financial Turnaround through organisational restructuring, portfolio management and project supervision
    • Online Marketing Lead for Business & Consulting
    • Site/Office consolidation / re-shoring
    • Project and Support Excellence with Scrum, Kanban und Hermes 5.1
    • Client and Project Portfolio Management. Key Account management
    • Technologie, UX und Business Consulting
    • Key-Account-Management
    • Transform the Technology Stack: DevOps, Containerization with Docker, CI/CD, Elasticsearch-solutions
    • Vendormanagement
    • Open Source and Agile Evangelist
    • Establishing an Interactive Media Designer & Application Developer Apprenticeship Program
  • Jun 2014 - Dez 2015

    snowflake Productions GmbH

    Digital Agency

    Head of CMS -

  • Jun 2011 - May 2014

    Black Diamond Equipment AG

    Sports Hardware & Softgoods Manufacturing

    Online Marketing Manager Europe -
    Online Marketing Strategy and Implementation for all European Markets

  • Apr 2006 - Mai 2011

    Telefònica o2 Germany GmbH & Co. OHG


    Senior Project Manager / PMO Lead -

    • o2 Service Group (Website, eCommerce Platform, Selfservice Platform, Mobile Website, Added-Value Services, Microsites) PMO Lead for 6 Business Analysts & 10 Project Managers
    • Business Liaison for Marketing, Customer Service, Sales
    • Bootstrapping Scrum: initial Team, acting initial Scrum Master. acting initial Scrum Product Owner
    • Scaling Scrum (prior to scaled frameworks) - Scrum of Scrums, Communities...
    • Agile Evangelist
    • Harmonization of agile web development teams with IBM RUP in company wide it & IT Operations
    • Implementing a resource sourcing strategy in-line with compliance
  • Oct 2005 - Mar 2006



    Software Architect -
    Secure Architectures & Virtualization

  • Dec 2003 - sep 2005

    BERATA GmbH / Altran -

    Automotive / Consulting

    Engineering & Project Management Consultant
    Project management, administration and business consultingervices for the worldwide automotive Software Architecture Standardization Partnership AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture)

  • Jan 2003 - Sept 2003

    ND SatCom GmbH

    Satellite Communications

    Thesis Student -
    Design and Implementation of a satellite based communication system for corporate networks with focus IP Routing / IP Quality-of-Service

    • Design and Implementation of QoS Extensions in a proprietary TCP/IP Stack ontop of VxWorks
    • Implementation & testing on NDSatCom Hardware
  • Aug 1998 - Nov 2003

    Luleå University of Technology


    Master of Science in Computer Engineering -

    • Computer Engineering Courses: Logic Design, Computer-Aided Industrial Design, Processor/Software Interface, Computer Architecture, Computer Science, Advanced Course, Computation Structures, Operating Systems, Computer Networks, Industrial Image Analysis, Communications Networks, Networking Project, Circuit Theory, Computer Architecture, Computer Science Advanced Course
    • Software Engineering Courses: Functional Programming, Imperativ Programming, Program Construction, Programming Project, Information Retrieval, Reactive Programming, Computer Security, System Programming, Data Scructures, Multimedia Systems, Databse Systems, Internet Webdesign, Artificial Neural Networks, Computation Structures,
    • Engineering Courses: Mathematics, Discrete Mathematics, Linear Systems, Mathematical Statistics, Mathematical Models, Research Methods, Thermodynamics
    • General Studies: History of Technology, Project Management, Business Administration, Economics,
  • Sept 1997 - Jul 1998

    Technische Universität Hamburg-Harburg


    Informatik Ingenieurwesen -

    • Computer Science Engineering Courses: Computer Science I, Programming Methods, Hardware Praktikum. Software Praktikum
    • Engineering Courses:Mathematics, Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Chemistry


Competences &

  • Business Management & Business Development
  • Business- and Digital Strategy Development and Execution
  • Leadership as in Visionary, strong People & Communication Skills, Strategic Thinking, Networking & Communication, Effective Hiring, Hands-on coaching & mentoring
  • Strong Computer Engineering Skillset ranging from Vision/Strategy, Architecture, Software Design, Implementation to Operations
  • Leading Change & Transformations (Digital Transformation, Agile Transformation, Business Transformation)
  • PMO, Porfolio-, Programme- and Multiproject-Management (Scrum, Kanban, Hermes 5.1)
  • Business, Product and Project Agility
  • Consulting and Evangelizing
  • UX Design & User-Centered-Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Quality Assurance
  • Open Source tech stacksand best-in-class-Service interoperability
  • Technical Competences (a rough overview): IaaS & Orchestrierung (e.g. Terraform, Ansible, Vault, Packer, Kubesspray, cloud-init), PaaS (e.g. AWS, Azure, GCP, onprem Proxmox Cluster), Hybrid/Multicloud (e.g. Terraform, Jelastic), Cloudnative (e.g. Rook/Ceph, Helm, Consul), Bare metal colocation hosting (e.g. Highly Convergent Infrastructure with Proxmox), Container Orchestration & Service Mesh (e.g. Kubernetes k8s, k3s, Ingress Ngnix, Istio, Consul, Docker, Docker Registry, Quay), Containerization (e.g. Design, Build, Update, Automation), Data logging, metrics & monitoring (e.g. Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, Grafana), Monitoring-Metrics-Alerting (e.g. Zabbix, Icinga, Nagios, cadvidor, Datadog), Web- & Application Server (Ngnix, Traeffic, Appache Tomcat, Zope, JBoss), IT-Security (e.g. Web Applicatiomn Firewalls, Image Hardening), Knowledge Management (e.g. Atlassian Stack) Virtualization (e.g. Proxmox, VMWare ESXi, Freebsd Jails) Computer Networking & Design (e.g. Firewalls, Routing, Switching, VLANs, VPN, Proxy/Reverse Proxy, QoS, IDS & Honeypots, WiFi, NAS/SAN), Software Defined Networks (VyOS, PFSense, OPNSense), Networking (Mikrotik RouterOS, VyOS, Netgate TNSR, AT&T Danos, Cisco IOS), Development(C/C++/Perl/PHP/Java/JavaScript/Haskell/Matlab/Shellscripting), SCM & CI/CD (e.g. Gitlab CI), Web Performance & Security (e.g. HTTP Headers, SSL Certificates, DNSSEC, memcached, Redis, Server Hardening, Cloudflare), Databases (mySQL, MariaDB, MongaDB, SQListe), OS (e.g. Linux in various distributions, FreeBSD, OSX, VxWorks, OpenBSD, NetBSD), UAM (e.g. OpenLDAP, FreeRadius), CMS (e.g. TYPO3, Wordpress), eCOmmerce (e.g. Magento)


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